Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nature @ Tree Top Walk

It was an early Sunday morning. Mummy and Daddy brought both of us to experience nature @ the Tree Top Walk. Boh-Boh, Gu-Gu and the rest actually met at 7am to start the walk. But as it's kinda difficult to get both of us organized before we can leave house, Daddy and Mummy decided to join them only after 8am.

It was quite a long walk but we never did make it to the Tree Top. Boh-Boh, Gu-Gu and the rest have already ventured to the bridge and decided to come back. So we decided not to venture there and decided to wait for them to come back. Unfortunately, they took a wrong route and told us to go off first as it will take them another hour to meet up with us!

So, we all decided to venture back to the car after about 45mins to an hour's walk. On the way back, Bella wanted to be carried while Bevis needed her morning nap (especially when she woke up so early this morning!). Mummy and Daddy had to each carry one of us all the way back to the car! Luckily, it wasn't too difficult. Well, to round off the trip, we went to the Shun Fu Hawker Center and Bella had a hearty meal of wanton noodles while Bevis had some pieces of noodles as well!

Although we never made it to the tree top, but Mummy and Daddy might bring us back there again when we are older and strong enough to walk on our own!

Look at our backs, we have the sticker that keeps away mozzies!

2009 CNY Celebration

Chinese New Year always come and go so quickly. To me, the fun part of it is actually the pre-work of preparing for CNY, from the spring cleaning, to buying of CNY goodies and to decorating the house. All these activities really then signify the coming of CNY.
This year, the 2 girls (Bella and Bevis) did enjoy themselves thoroughly, exhausted at end of day from all the playing and 'eating'. Here're some photos to share:

(Can't seem to upload photos, think blog has a system glitch... will upload photos another day...)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catching up on posting...

Gosh, i'm always having difficulties to post in a timely manner and the only time i can afford to do it is always on weekend nights in the wee hours.... hope i can do better and continue to post regularly...
Just a short post to remind myself. Gonna turn in liao... zzzzzzzz

Mummy's friends from NZ

Mummy met up with friends from NZ on New Year's Day. All of us met at aunty Amanda's house. Altogether, there were 5 kids, aunty Amanda's Lex (14 mths) and Vince (2 yr 8 mths), uncle Boon's Max (9 mths), Bella jie-jie (3 yr 5 mths) and myself (13 mths). With so many friends around, you can imagine the din we made! Bella jie-jie and Vince gor-gor were busy with fighting over the toy car/aeroplane (that never got it's ride when there are no guests in aunty Amanda's house). Lex gor-gor and me somehow played by ourselves on our own. Somehow at our age, we never really play together, more of parallel play. The most obedient was Max. He was so good, sitting with uncle Boon and aunty Yenna, just watching us play and will play with the toys around him! All the adults were commenting what a good boy he is!

It was really hard to get all the 5 children in a picture, so here's some random shots taken while all of us were playing.

Bella jie-jie and that is me in the background

Vince gor-gor

Lex gor-gor

That's me again with my favorite balloons in both hands

Lovely Max di-di

My 1st dMP School Concert

Mummy had been very busy and only have the opportunity to upload the photos from my school concert held last year on 29-Oct. It was my 1st performance on stage and the concert theme was 'Healthy & Sporty Me'. I took part in 2 performances by Pre-Nursery and I had lots of fun!

Parking fine for bicycle!

On 9-Jan, Daddy noticed a 'summon ticket' stuck on my new bicycle that is parked outside the house, chained to the railings of the staircase. This was the 1st time Daddy and Mummy ever got a ticket FOR A BICYCLE!
Not understanding why were we issued a ticket, Daddy went around the block to look at other bicycles parked outside as well. Seems that no one else got the ticket! We were the only 'lucky' ones :(
Anyway, now the bicycle is sitting in our living room (no other place to put). Daddy had said that to wait for another week before putting the bicycle out again... hehe... Hope we don't get another ticket!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 to all! Another year has passed, so quickly...

Before 2008 ended, i attempted to wean Bevis off her pacifier. Although not a 'heavy user' of the pacifier (she uses it only when sleeping), it's definitely no mean feat to wean her off it! i spent 45mins past her usual bedtime trying to coax her to sleep without the pacifier. Oh boy, she was tossing and turning and at the same time her mouth was doing a sucking motion, eventually when i 'told her off' gently, she started crying. I decided that i will eventually wean her off, but gradually. Before giving her back the pacifier, i told her that I will remove it after she falls asleep and she should not cry. After i put the pacifier in her mouth and put her down in her cot, she quickly fell asleep. Hope i'll be more successful in the coming weeks!

Now, guess what i was doing when the world enters into 2009? Baking cake! Hehe, this time round, it's an orange chiffon cake (recipe from a friend's friend). Had this recipe for a few weeks and had been waiting for a chance to try baking it.
Well, it was really not what i had expected, the batter was so much that both my 15cm tube pan did not fit all the batter. I had to distribute the rest of the batter into cupcakes. 15 mins after the tube pans went into the oven, the top looks like it has just exploded and the content rose beyond the pan and tube! It was quite a disappointment but i knew it would happen (putting all the blame into the works of the microwave oven with convection function). Now, finally, all the pans and cupcakes of orange chiffon cakes are baked and i'm watching "Maid in Manhattan" on Channel 5, waiting for one of the cupcakes to cool down so that i can taste it! :P
Well, if it's successful (although a little ugly), i might be able to bring some to friend's house tomorrow :P
(Will post pics of the cakes later on)

Gotta go check on the cupcakes now and get some sleep as i'll be going to a friend's house to meet up another friend and his family who came from NZ for a visit! Ta-Ta...