Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nature @ Tree Top Walk

It was an early Sunday morning. Mummy and Daddy brought both of us to experience nature @ the Tree Top Walk. Boh-Boh, Gu-Gu and the rest actually met at 7am to start the walk. But as it's kinda difficult to get both of us organized before we can leave house, Daddy and Mummy decided to join them only after 8am.

It was quite a long walk but we never did make it to the Tree Top. Boh-Boh, Gu-Gu and the rest have already ventured to the bridge and decided to come back. So we decided not to venture there and decided to wait for them to come back. Unfortunately, they took a wrong route and told us to go off first as it will take them another hour to meet up with us!

So, we all decided to venture back to the car after about 45mins to an hour's walk. On the way back, Bella wanted to be carried while Bevis needed her morning nap (especially when she woke up so early this morning!). Mummy and Daddy had to each carry one of us all the way back to the car! Luckily, it wasn't too difficult. Well, to round off the trip, we went to the Shun Fu Hawker Center and Bella had a hearty meal of wanton noodles while Bevis had some pieces of noodles as well!

Although we never made it to the tree top, but Mummy and Daddy might bring us back there again when we are older and strong enough to walk on our own!

Look at our backs, we have the sticker that keeps away mozzies!

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